I am currently available for private commissions. Read on to learn about my rates, the process, turnaround expectations, and more.

If you would like a Fantasy Portrait specifically, head on over to this page to see some portraits I've painted in the past that may inspire you.

If you would like  Animal Art specifically, head on over to this page to see some animals I've painted in the past.  I am also available for pet portraits, if you are looking to have your beloved companion commissioned. 

When you are ready to reach out, fill out this form.



All commission initial sketches are hand drawn, digitally drawn or digitally  composed. Then, transferred on to paper, canvas or wood and painted in watercolor, acrylics or oils depending on what you like; see examples below. I’m a versatile artist and can accept commissions that are out of the genera I usually paint, I prefer to paint on wood and my style is very detailed. Please feel free to pitch me your idea and we can discuss.  


Commission prices vary depending on materials used, size and complexity. I paint on a variety of surfaces, the most common are paper, canvas and wood.  For example, a small watercolor will start roughly at $150 for a 8 x 8 inch on paper. The largest size I offer is 16” x 20”, but if you want something larger we can discuss. Below is a list of approximate pricing by materials for their associated surface and the cost on same size for a finished unframed piece.

          - 8" x 10" for $150-$200 (watercolor on paper)
          - 8" x 10" for $170-$215 (watercolor on canvas)
          - 8" x 10" for $200-$250 (watercolor on wood)

          - 8" x 10" for $200-$260 (oil or acrylic on canvas or wood with a .75" cradle)
          - 8" x 10" for $250-$300 (oil  or acrylic on canvas or wood with a 1.75" cradle)

          -12" x 12" $350-$400 (depending on complexity of piece)

Note: depending on the direction of your commission, I may suggest a different size that will still align with these costs. For example, instead of a 8” x 8” I may recommend a 8” x 10” for the same  cost.



I ask for 50% upfront to secure the time on my calendar and 50% upon completion of the project. Venmo is my preferred payment method, my handle is @fairymadeart. If you need to pay another way let me know and I can share a few other options with you.


The first step is to fill out this form and tell me all about what you’d like to commission! From there I will contact you and we will discuss an overall direction and once your happy, I’ll move forward with sending you a written commission contract that stipulates all the details.  Once sighed and returned along with the initial payment, you will get a turnaround time. When the painting is complete (and framed if requested), I’ll ask for the final payment and we’ll discuss how to get the painting to you. If you live in Los Angeles we will organize a time for you to pick it up from my studio. If you need me to ship your painting, I’d be happy to pack it up safely and insure it but I ask that you cover the cost of postage. 


I offer 3 rounds of minor revisions to the sketch. Revisions beyond the 3rd incur a fee of $30 each. If your feedback requires an entire new sketch, it’ll be an additional $50.

Once you approve the sketch I’ll start painting the final commission. I can try and  make small edits to a painting once I’ve started to assure you are happy, but if the edits are major (color change, proportion change, composition change), there is an additional charge of $75 per edit. It is very important that you really feel good about the direction of the sketch before I start painting the final.


I’m happy to frame your commission if you like. This way it is ready to hang as soon as you get it! 

I offer framing depending on what you order.  Some oil and acrylic paintings will not require framing but it is always a nice complimentary choice.  If you want me to frame your piece, I’ll pitch you ideas for frame and mat color combinations while I work on the final painting. Once you approve the direction for your frame I'll order the supplies. Framing costs are additional to your commission price. 

I order almost all of my framing supplies from Westfall Framing or PictureFrames and assemble the frames myself, float mounting the work. Westfall Framing and PictureFrames sell wonderful materials including acid-free foam and mat board, UV filtering glazing, and FSC certified lumber that is available in several beautiful types and finishes.


When will it be done? That can vary on a few things! What is your deadline? What is my workload? Are you asking near the holidays? I’ll be able to give you a clear idea of what to expect when you reach out.

Generally speaking, if you request a commission a month in advance of when you need it (if it's a gift), that would be great! Especially if you want it framed because it takes time for the ordered supplies to ship to my studio.

Click here for samples of commissions I've done

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