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FairymadeArt (Adriana Garcia) is an illustrator, painter and sculptor who specializes in fantasy portraits and animal art

Her  work is colorful and vibrant, it is fun, whimsical and focuses on mood and emotions.  Her beautiful characters are able to find a sense of belonging in a fantastical universe surrounded by flora, fauna and imagination. Adriana takes the viewer into that mind space of wonder and possibility that her characters emotions portray.  Her botanical art of succulents and flowers are rapidly gaining popularity on her social media.  Her style is loose and tight with color washes that capture the beautiful texture of nature and light. She also enjoys painting animals in their natural habitat. Domestic or wild, Adriana hones in on the details and delights the viewer with their animal essence. 

When not working on major projects, her favorite subjects are vivid and magical mermaids and fairies with colorful environments and oceanic themed art.  


She currently paints from Santa Monica, CA in her home studio shared with a feline and caique parrot assistants.

You can find her on Etsy, Facebook, Pinterests and Instagram 


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