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Are you available for private commissions?
Yes! Learn about rates, process, turnaround, and more here.


Are you available for pet portraits?
Yes! I love painting animals and would be delighted to paint your beloved pet.  You can see some samples of animals I have painted including some pets here.  From parrots, to lizards and everything in between, I specialize in capturing your pet's personality. Learn about what you can expect as far as size, cost, and timeline are concerned here. When you are ready, fill out this form here.


Do you paint portraits of people?

Yes!  I can paint formal portraits or my preferred fantasy portraits. You can see some samples of portraits I have painted over the years here. Learn about what you can expect as far as size, cost, and timeline are concerned here. When you are ready, fill out this form here.

Are you available for freelance illustrations projects?
I am! Please contact me here about your project. Rates vary based on the complexity of your project and what rights you are interested in purchasing.


Will you illustrate the kids book I wrote?
Although I absolutely love kids books, I don’t have much experience with illustrating them! You'd have a better product and enjoy the process more if you worked with an artist who either really wants to illustrate kids books or has a lot of experience doing so. If you think my portfolio really aligns with the concept of your book, I’d love to hear about it! Reach out here to tell me more if that is the case! Be sure to include concise information regarding what your book is about, what your timeline is and why, and what your budget is.


Would you design my album art or poster or shirt?
Yes! I’m happy to create an illustration for you. Please keep in mind I don’t do any typography design. Please reach out here and include concise information regarding what kind of music you make, what your timeline is and why, what your budget is, and most importantly what pieces in my portfolio align with your vision!


Do you design tattoos?
Sorry, I am not currently accepting tattoo design requests.

I recommend finding a tattoo artist whose work really resonates with you. I think the best tattoos come from artists who are working in their own style with clients who trust them! Instagram is a great place to find tattoo artists in your area whose work you love.

Quality work in a safe and sanitary environment costs money, so save up and tip your tattoo artist. If you can, support a woman-owned local-to-you tattoo shop!


Can get a tattoo of one of your existing paintings?
I’d love that! Please make sure your tattoo artist is comfortable with tattooing other people’s work first. Trust your tattooer if they recommend changes to the artwork, both to fit their art style and adapt the illustration to be better suited for a tattoo.

If your tattoo artist posts a picture to social media, please ask them to tag me and credit me as the original artist.

I’d love to see a photo of the final tattoo! Tag me on instagram, direct message me, or email me a picture!


Do you offer wholesale?
Yes! Thank you for your interest in carrying my products in your store! Jump on over to my shop to see the items I carry and make available, then Complete this form and I’ll get back to you shortly with terms, pricing, and my wholesale catalog.


Who prints your work?
I do! I print and package my prints in my studio using archival inks and paper.


What printer do you use?
I have an EpsonXP15000 that prints up to 13” x 19”.  It makes great quality prints! I will eventually replace it whenever it kicks the bucket I’ll most likely purchase one of Epson’s newer models. As for paper and inks, I stick with Epson’s products because they all work well together.


Can you make your prints larger?
The print sizes I offer in my shop are either the same size as the original painting or smaller. If I scale a painting up to create a larger print it becomes blurry and I don’t want to sell low quality prints to you! I do have some of my work available on Etsy and they offer larger sizes.


How can I buy an original you’ve already created?
I’m glad you are interested in an original! I have a few listed in my shop, but not all of them. Contact me and I'll let you know what I have available and their prices.


What materials do you use?
I use a variety of materials and paints depending on the project and the desired outcome.  I am working on putting a material/supplies list together for you so you can come back and see exactly what I use and for what.  I will also share my process and steps I take to achieve the desired look I​'m searching for.  


How did you become such a versatile artist?
I experimented with all kinds of materials and mediums over the years.  I found that each has a special function and look for creating art. From colored pencils to oil paint, I tried it all! I studies art in college and slowly was introduced to many materials an mediums. I learned over the years how to combine certain skills when I paint to achieve the outcome I desired.  For example, watercolors are translucent and flow beautifully on paper, but using them on wood has it's challenges but the end results can be just as fantastic. When I imagined a final painting in my head, it gradually became an open book to explore what I wanted to use. I’m open to trying and experimenting with new materials, so who knows what the future will hold! For now, I generally consider myself an illustrator with the ability to paint in any medium!


What is your process for creating a piece?
Once I have an idea in mind, I find or take reference photos to work from. Sometimes I even collage my reference photos together in photoshop or procreate. Then I sketch! Sometimes I sketch in a sketchbook but more recently I've been sketching on my iPad with Procreate. When I’m happy with the sketch, I scan it into my computer and make edits in photoshop, scale it to the desired final size, and get started. The researching and sketching process can sometimes take just as long as it takes me to complete the final painting! From there I print the edited sketch and trace it onto my surface. I work on watercolor paper, canvas or wood board.  Next, I complete a detailed underdrawing with a drafting mechanical pencil. Then, I start the painting process usually painting light to dark.  Each surface has a different preparation process. When I use watercolor paper, I soak it an stretch it out and let it dry before I transfer a drawing.  Canvas requires some extra gesso and sometimes light sanding to achieve the desired smoothness.  My favorite surface is wood, and depending on what I'm painting I will use different methods to prepare it.  Sometimes I stain the raw wood to allow for the natural wood grain to show, then I would use a clear gesso and sand it a bit.  For painting that don't show the wood grain, I use white gesso and stain it after I have added the initial drawing.  When I paint watercolors on any other surface other than paper, I use watercolor ground to help it adhere to the intended surface.  It's all about the final idea in my mind that leads me to make my artistic choices.  

How do you frame your work?
I order almost all of my framing supplies from Westfall Framing and and assemble the frames myself, float mounting the work. Westfall Framing sells wonderful materials including acid-free foam and mat board, UV filtering glazing, and FSC certified lumber that is available in several beautiful types and finishes. 

If I’m on a budget, I like these Ambiance Gallery Mini Wood Frames and these Ambiance Gallery Deep Wood Frames from Jerry’s Artarama.


What influences you? Where do you get your inspiration?
I love creating pieces that use elements of nature metaphorically. I'm Influenced by images of beauty, design and color. I also find joy painting an object with no conceptual intent, simply to enjoy and celebrate its magnificent existence. I am also inspired and influenced by the many artists on Instagram, Etsy  and Youtube. 


Who are your favorite artists?

Here are a few I love and follow on Instagram.

Audrey Kawasaki

Stephanie Law

Bao Pham

Caitlin Hackett

Mab Graves

Grage Simkins

Camilla d'Errico

Timothy Von Rueden

And so many more! Browse who I follow on Instagram to see more wonderful artists.

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